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Tumblr Home News Briefs Current: Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo news: As a matter of fact, the report points out that the two stars are just good friends, and this is why their chemistry on the show shines. We’re just laughing about it,” they went on to say. She is the best partner,” he said. This sparked rumors that Song Hye-kyo is indeed in hiding because she is pregnant and that they are getting married somewhere out of the country. Song Joong-ki debunked this rumor when he explained that the actress was not able to attend because of her filming schedule for a different project taking place overseas. Despite their strong chemistry, they are not returning for the sequel that is currently being developed.

FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki And Han Bo Reum Confirmed To Be Dating

Moon Hee Jun y Kangta de H. Jaejoong Hero Jaejoong fue el tercero en integrarse a las filas del grupo. Antes de que su primer disco saliera a la venta, lanzaron dos sencillos por separado. Durante las promociones de Tri-Angle, S. Primera gira por Japon ‘The 1st Live Tour Heart, Mind and Soul’, de mayo a junio de

Kim Heechul attested to Lee Hong Ki’s relationship model, saying, “Hong Ki’s just like me. When he’s relationship, or if there’s a girl he likes, he’ll do the whole lot for her, and he doesn’t conceal something or play any video games.

He once was cast in a cameo role playing a gay couple with Han Ji Hye in the popular drama, Summer Scent. He only appeared in episode The lead actor was changed to Lee Min ho. Rough Cut was produced by Kang Ji-hwan and So Ji-sub as they invested part of their money to make a low budget movie. Surprisingly, Rough Cut turned out to be very popular.

His popularity was affected by his appearance in Hong Gil-dong. He was inspired by Chinese actor Stephen Chow. Before, he once said that his ideal type was a funny girl who has the same character as him, but currently he is more into a courteous, genteel, kind girls with feminine taste. He likes it when girls wears a simple and pretty dress, and are modest. On top of that, he always loves it when a girl is respectful to older people and takes care of them.

He believes that if she treats her parents right, she will also treat her parents in law well. Kang Ji-hwan is always thoughtful when it comes to marriage. He always wanted to get married, and have children.


Island In , Lee debuted in the band F. Island as the lead singer. He can also rap and beatbox. Lee decided to pursue a career in singing after he starred in Kkangsooni, for which he sang a song for the soundtrack. At the end of the drama, he performed the song live on stage.

On Siwon Choi (nickname: Siwon,) was born in Seoul, South Korea. He made his 2 million dollar fortune with Oh! My Lady, Member of Super Junior.

The actress cleared the rumors during the press conference for her upcoming movie “Risking Life for Love. As per allkpop , the rumors stemmed from one incident where both Ha Ji Won and Chen Bo Lin shared similar photos on their social media accounts. This strategy is often seen as a form of secret communication between celebrity couples. When asked if there was a point of awkwardness after the Ha Ji Won and Chen Bo Lin dating rumors erupted, the “Empress Ki” actress answered in the negative.

She shared that both of them just laughed it off. She further explained that the photo of them holding a cat, which was the root cause of the misunderstanding, was mere coincidence. Despite the Ha Ji Won and Chen Bo Lin dating rumors it seems that the two stars were able to maintain a strong working relationship. The year-old actress further gushed about his “Risking Life for Love” co-star, whom she revealed to be very considerate and caring.

Ha Ji Won takes on the role of Han Je In, a mystery novel writer is always suspicious about her neighbors and causes a lot of trouble.

Hong Jong Hyun Officially Denies Dating Rumors with After School’s Nana

Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer. Thanks to her strength, she gets the job of a bodyguard, to a rich heir Ahn Min-hyuk , the CEO of a gaming company, Ainsoft.

Dec 08,  · This one lasted for a year but oh what an underwhelming relationship it was to cover from a media standpoint. News reports coming out today are saying that K-stars Hyun Bin and Kang Sora have broken up, and their respective agencies followed swiftly with confirmation of the relationship end. They starting dating in late and while they weren’t necessarily viewed as likely to end in.

They are listed in the order of their release. Suddenly At Midnight Seon-hee, the wife of a wealthy butterfly researcher is pleased to hear that her husband has contracted a new maid. The girl is young and pretty, though she comes with a tragic past: The couple and their daughter welcome the orphaned young woman into their home, but Seon-hee begins to have misgivings later when she sees a strange wooden doll that the maid has brought with her. For several weeks she has been having nightmares and visions about this very same doll.

Korean horror films from the 70s and 80s can be memorable, fascinating, and at times even cute, but they are rarely frightening. Suddenly At Midnight is an exception. As in Kim Ki-young’s The Housemaid and its subsequent remakings, director Ko Young-nam locates the film’s horror within the space of a happy, wealthy family home that is contaminated from the outside, but he takes the film in different directions than that pursued by Kim.

The result is a mysterious psychological study built on the wife’s suspicions, that beguiles the viewer right up to its bizarre closing image. Director Ko — Korea’s most prolific director ever with films to his credit — has a good feel for how to create tension from precise editing and the patient accumulation of evocative details. Actress Kim Young-ae also gives a convincing performance as the panicked wife. Her fears seem plausible, which makes the film all that much more effective.

I do get the sense, though, that the final reel which had modern-day audiences jumping in fright could have been even scarier if less slow motion had been used. On another level, an aspect of the film that is just as unsettling as its horror elements is its voyeuristic focus on the young maid.

Bride of the Century Episode 6 Recap

We’ll remain each other’s true love even if we lose everything. It was custom-designed by no other than the brand’s artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri, who also designed Miranda Kerr’s gown for her wedding with Evan Spiegel in July. A few days later, Hye Kyo thanked the fans for their heartwarming support through her own post on Instagram.

Song Joong Ki reportedly spotted very sweet to a mystery girl. Song Joong Ki rumored hired a private jet for Song Hye-Kyo for an event.

Early life[ edit ] Lee Joon-gi first became interested in the performing arts as a high school student after watching a performance of Hamlet. He moved to Seoul with a dream to work in the entertainment industry rather than getting into college. For the next couple of years, Lee worked at various part-time jobs before he got accepted into the Seoul Institute of the Arts. King and the Clown and rising fame[ edit ] In January Lee had his first major acting role in the film The King and the Clown , in which he played the historical figure Gong-gil, an effeminate clown in the Joseon Dynasty.

Producer Lee Joon-ik revealed the story of how he chose Lee for The King and the Clown by just seeing him do handstands, saying, “Just because of handstands, Lee Joon-gi became the person he is today. Suddenly, people were interested in me, and there was all this praise and criticism all at the same time. Everything was just so overwhelming. I felt like I was floating on air. He believed that without the screen quotas, The King and the Clown would not have been as successful in competing against foreign films.

The romance comedy series became a hit during its run both domestically and across Asia, further catapulting Lee into Korean Wave stardom. This is because the contract was signed in early December before the film’s release when Lee was an unknown actor. Tourism ambassadorship and contractual dispute[ edit ] In Shanghai on May From April to July , Lee played the titular role in SBS ‘s Iljimae , a period-action drama based on Chinese folklore from the Ming dynasty about a masked Robin Hood -esque character during the Joseon era.

Lee Joon-gi

She is never far from a confrontation, whether it be a good-natured spat with her colleage Mr. Park or a jealous row with her rival Okja, or a volley of complaints fired at her daughter-in-law. But one day she receives a painful blow which catches her off guard.

‘Descendants of the Sun’ star Song Joong Ki is still the hottest heartthrob in South Korea despite the drama ending last April. What followed the actor’s popularity is a barrage of rumors and other old juicy tidbits about Song’s life, including an old ex-girlfriend.

Song Joong Ki is one of such stars Bora song joong ki dating simulator There is clearly a spark between the two that goes far beyond the screen. He admitted to having dated four girls, but has insisted that no one of them was a celebrity. Because he has quite a lot of fans, the paparazzi are quick to catch up when something happens. Although they did not fall in love with each other in the television series, they did make a lot of people talk.

With Korean drama and film industry gaining popularity all over the world, it might be good to know something about its biggest stars. He even fished out the egg yolk from his ramen to give it to her. Rumor has it that this Chinese woman is years old, and is currently attending a film academy in Beijing. That is why Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki revealed their relationship through the press directly through their words, as they believe that is a courtesy for the fans.

Before dating with Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo was revealed to have felt uncomfortable with the idea of dating a celebrity.

F.T. Island’s Hongki shuts down concerns about Minhwan and Yulhee rushing into marriage