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The Dolphins is extremely easy to use as there are no hoses to connect, simply plug it in and out it in the water. It is a good idea to move the Dolphin back and forth when placing it in the water, just to remove any trapped air as this can impede its performance. Once in the water, the Dolphin gets to work, moving around the pool to hunt out any dirt and grime it can find. If you think your pool is clean, get hold of a Dolphin and you might be surprised at what it finds. The Dolphin has a hour cycle to ensure your pool is clean and will climb the walls to get as much dirt as possible. The motor is extremely energy efficient and will shut down when the cycle is over, this means you do not have to watch it work or rush to turn it off. Once the swimming pool vacuum is removed from the pool and empty of water, cleaning the filters and dirt traps is quick and simple, leaving the Dolphin ready for its next swim. An excellent automatic pool cleaner at a very good price. As the name would suggest, the Tiger Shark is one mean swimming pool vacuum, taking care of the entire pool including floor, walls and steps under the waterline.

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It’s not your pool’s fault. It’s the old, tired equipment. The energy profile of your pool equipment may cause your jaw to drop uncontrollably. Traditional pool pumps often burn – watts.

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Intex Pool Filter Pump Upgrades: Intex pools are very well known to be a quality pool for the price; a nice starter pool. Intex Fast Set and Frame Set pools are also known for coming with filters that are a bit on the small side, to make the package price competitive. Larger filter surface area goes longer between cleanings. Poor water conditions are cleaned up faster, or prevented.

Larger pump with basket makes it easy to vacuum to pool. Greater suction and circulation keeps the pool cleaner. Which is why there are so many sizes of Intex filter pumps for these pools. Easy Set pools come with an integrated pump and filter unit that is matched to the pool size. These filters are rated in gallons per minute of water flow; gpm, gpm, gpm and gpm. An easy way to upgrade your Easy Set pool filter is to just buy a larger Intex Filter System , to increase the water volume per hour.

They all have the same filter size however, except for the gpm unit, which uses a larger filter cartridge.

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What should I do if I’m experiencing some difficulty connecting the hoses into the black protruding hose connectors? Does a filter pump have to be used with my Intex above ground pool? Yes, for hygienic purposes we recommend that a filter pump be used with all Intex 8′ or larger above ground pools. Does the filter pump keep the pool walls and bottom clean? With proper chemicals and filter cartridge replacement, the pump will keep the pool clean from suspended water particles.

Do my pool cleaner is proud to check out of the pool with washer/dryer hook up pool filter system and controlling solar powered up. Or energy efficient millstream always run pool filters this page how to maintain clean swimming pool vac. Base beside the adaptor as little as little.

Originally Posted by shyguylh I have an Intex 15×4 foot round metal-framed pool. It’s a lot of fun except for 2 things– 1 cleaning the bottom and 2 the water warming up quickly enough. I don’t know what the model number is, but I have an Intex thing where you attach a garden hose to a round thing with some sort of white bag tied to it, you run it on the bottom. First, unless your pool bottom is absolutely dead-on free of wrinkles mine have a few wrinkles or “creases” it seems to want to “scatter” the debris all over the place.

Second, the bag loves to pop off, and then the trash which WAS in there scatters all over the place. Mine just did that, and I was cussing up a storm.

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Handheld Pool Cleaners Handheld Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Reviews This page is intended for “handheld pool vacuums” so if you are looking for a review of traditional suction cleaners, pressure cleaners of robotic pool vacuums then read the Pool Vac Reviews found here. Every now and again you stumble upon a product that makes you stop and think Looking at it, it makes perfect sense as to why this product exists, and you can instantly see many ways that it will improve or enhance your life in some way when it comes to day to day maintenance of your pool.

In a nutshell this is a small, battery operated vacuum cleaner think along the lines of a dust buster vacuum on steroids that attaches to your telescopic pool pole. It does not need to be connected via vacuum hoses to your pool skimmer, nor does it require an electrical cord like a robotic cleaner. As a day to day maintenance and spot cleaning vacuum there has simply never been a better product on the market for this purpose.

It will take you 10 minutes at the most to get a sand filter up and running on your pool. Intex gal/hr Sand Filter w/Saltwater System Setup Instructions. Intex .

Sometimes the kids aren’t so mindful of tracking trash dirt, bits of leaves into the pool, so I have spent an awful lot of time using a net in the pool as well. The trouble with a net is, it won’t pick up any of the sand that settles on the bottom because it goes right through the little holes. While shopping at Walmart one day, I came across the Skooba-Vac, and thought that would be the solution to keeping the pool’s water really clean.

It works with my pools inline filtration system, and is meant to be used like a vacuum cleaner along the bottom of the pool, sucking up all the trash and sand that settles after everyone is out of the pool. What You Get in the Box Directions for Assembly and Use 16 feet of flexible hose Skooba-Vac with reusable vacuum bag 4 metal poles that assemble easily into one long pole Vacuum head with 2 attachments 3 different adapters to fit hose to most pools Putting the unit together is really easy.

I slid the poles together, and then slid the pole onto the Skooba Vac. I then snapped on a head attachment and attached the plastic hose to the back of the Vac. The vacuum bag is already inside the Skooba, but to get to it just takes a flip of a lever. I then took it out to my pool and submerged the entire thing, hose and all, in the water as directed.

Then, I found the adapter that fit my pools filtration hole the one that sucks and not blows , attached it to the other end of the hose and slid that into the filtration hole.

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Automatic swimming pool vacuums and sweepers are perfect for the busy person who doesn’t have time for weekly cleaning. Let one of our automatic swimming pool cleaning products take care of the everyday mess. It won’t take you long to figure out that these affordably priced cleaning systems are what you’ve been missing. There are basically three types of cleaning systems: Suction Side, Pressure Side, and Robotic. Suction Side – These pool cleaners use the pool’s own suction, usually from the skimmer, to suck dirt and debris off the bottom of the pool, and it is cleaned by the filter.

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Pool Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid 1. Vacuuming large debris through skimmer without using a leaf trap. A leaf trap has a bag inside for catching debris and is placed between the end of your pool vacuum hose and the skimmer. It keeps leaves from clogging your skimmer line when you vacuum. It’s OK to not to use a leaf trap as long as you are vacuuming small things that can’t clog the skimmer line, but never go without it when sucking out acorns, sticks, large quantities of leaves, etc.

This can lead to a service call to unclog the skimmer line. It’s the best on the market! Vacuuming algae or large amounts of dirt with multi-port valve set in “Filter” position. The “Filter” position is the correct multi-port valve setting for vacuuming a relatively clean pool. That is the setting we use on our normal weekly cleaning vacuum jobs.

However, when vacuuming a pool that has just had it’s mesh safety cover removed and is covered with a layer of fine dust, the multi-port valve setting should be “Waste”. This also applies to a pool covered with algae or lots of dirt.


Filters gallons L of water per hour. Hoses required for hook-up between your pool and the pump are included. Keep your pool water clean for continuous summer fun! Efficient filtration is essential for a quality swim experience. Who wants to swim in a dirty pool? The Skooba Max is ideal for cleaning soft-wall, above-ground pools with low-flow filtration systems.

Your pool is going to look super clean when this Intex GPH Filter Pump With Timer makes its way to your backyard. Designed for Intex foot and foot Easy Set pools, Frame Set pools, Ellipse Oval pools, Rectangular Frame pools and similar sized swimming pools from other manufacturers such as Sand-n-Sun and Aqua-Leisure.

More on the results of vacuum pumps: Swimming Pool Pumps – pump-manufacturers built in , specialize in the manufature of the swimmimg pool pump,bathtub whirlpool pump, centrifugal pump, submersible pump and motor. We will look at two methods of draining this type of a pool: If you want to dry your swimming pool and store it for future, a shop vacuum might be the best for drying it.

If your pool has a sand filter, make sure that the sand media is clean by backwashing it first. How to hook up pool vacuum to Intex pump.

Part 6 Hooking up a sand filter to an Intex pool

It uses an all-natural sand filtering system with a sand capacity of pounds. This allows for cleaner and clearer pool water due to the filtration process used. There are six functions to this pool pump that you can control. The ideal pool size for this pool pump is between 5, to 19, gallons. It comes with a hour timer to ensure that the cleaning process requires minimal effort from your part. This timer allows for automatic operation with two to twelve hours of preset cycles.

Polaris, the manufacturer of a few pool cleaner machines, primarily offers models that hook into your pool’s skimmer or a dedicated suction line. It uses these lines to run the cleaner and remove dirt, sand or other sediment buildup from your pool bottom. Connecting the cleaner involves attaching the hoses.

What is the average lifespan of an intex easy set swimming pool? This is my experience. There will be endless opinions on the matter. I had an intex ultra frame pool. Actually, I had 2 pool liners in a 3 year period. I also had a salt system. The pumps you get with the pool sets ar…en’t that effective.

How to vacuum an Intex pool with a standard pool vacuum head and hose