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Vintage Basketball Equipment ‘s Eyeglass Protectors, unknown manufacturer. An outstanding durene jersey. Medium sized, however small by todays standards. Very nice sleeved jersey. Has stretch knit construction. An outstanding jersey with sewn on logo and numbers.

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Who invented the baseball glove? At that time, however, it… was considered “unmanly” for players to seek protection for one’s hands and the use of a glove was considered a sign of weakness. In Charles Waite of the St. Louis Brown Stockings became the first fielder to wear a fingerless glove.

Below is a guide to help date your vintage baseball glove. Gloves can be dated by the model numbers, trademarks & logos, or and by the style of the web.

At the time, he was the youngest player in the National League NL. Team personnel at Las Palmas denied Boras’ assertion. Dodgers general manager Fred Claire , whom MLB did not contact during their investigation, publicly expressed surprise and that he was unaware of the incident. Of total games played, he started and was graded with a.

Other career highs included batting. I think it was a year that he will improve on the longer he’s here and the longer he’s in the American League. He tied with Brandon Inge for the AL lead in errors by a third baseman, with 18, but ranked second in the league in assists , total chances, and range factor. He was charged with the lowest fielding percentage of all third basemen in the league at.

Robinson Cano Game Used Spalding Glove (PSA/DNA)

The gloves, baseballs and several other lots are from the collection of Vincent Greco, a fixture on the Baltimore sports scene during the s, 70s and 80s. Greco, born and raised in Baltimore during the early s, was a pioneer in the game of baseball. Greco was the first photographer to take a position in the stands with his Bell and Howell Super 8 camera.

The baseball paragraph reads, ” The Wilson “Aero-Center” Official League ball was recently adopted by the Pacific Coast League for a period of ten years. Wilson uniforms, bats, gloves, masks, etc., are used in both Major and Minor Leagues, as well as by hundreds of .

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Baseball became popular in the 19th century and was known as “townball” at the time. Other names given to the popular sport include goal ball, round ball, fletch-catch, and simply base. Teams were formed by small towns, while baseball clubs became more familiar in larger cities. In , rules of the game came into play when Alexander Cartwright wanted to establish a standard set of rules by which all teams could play.

Spalding’s Official Base Ball Guide was published from until Published by Albert Spalding ‘s sporting goods company, it was the official publication of the National League for its entire history.

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For your consideration is an incredibly rare baseball bat from the ‘s. It is one of only a handful of bats that we have owned from this era. This gorgeous example remains in excellent condition and measures 39 inches long!

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These men are up there. These men are the game. In all players were eligible, including active ones. From the election until the election, there was no waiting period, so any retired player was eligible, but writers were discouraged from voting for current major leaguers. Since there was no formal rule preventing a writer from casting a ballot for an active player, the scribes did not always comply with the informal guideline; Joe DiMaggio received a vote in , for example.

From the election until the election, an official one-year waiting period was in effect. DiMaggio, for example, retired after the season and was first eligible in the election. The modern rule establishing a wait of five years was passed in , although an exception was made for Joe DiMaggio because of his high level of previous support, thus permitting him to be elected within four years of his retirement.

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This antique football sweater was made by Spalding and dates to the era of through An impressive piece in all regards, it is of the highest quality and a large size for the era. The applique on the chest features the lettering ND which could represent Notre Dame but we have no provenance for this piece.

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Rawlings, Mizuno, Wilson, Easton and Nike. A snippet of air time on national television that shows a player flashing some leather would make any glove company proud. In , there were 5. So the baseball glove industry is steady and still growing. Who would have thought that a glove would evolve from two pieces of leather designed to prevent injury into a multimillion dollar business?

The history of the baseball glove can be traced back to as early as , when players started to experiment with a glove as a form of protection, often of the brakeman type of glove used by railroad workers. Cincinnati Red Stockings catcher Doug Allison was one of the first players to wear a buckskin mitten in after suffering a hand injury, and St. Louis’ Charles Waitt was the first confirmed player to don a glove in , although according to MLB official historian John Thorn, Waitt wore a flesh-colored glove in hopes of it going unnoticed.

That was the thinking in the s.

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Vintage Basketball Equipment ‘s Eyeglass Protectors, unknown manufacturer. An outstanding durene jersey. Medium sized, however small by todays standards. Very nice sleeved jersey. Has stretch knit construction. An outstanding jersey with sewn on logo and numbers. Actual photo not a print. Has paper from scrapbook still attached to the back.

An absolutely wonderful large ad with incredible graphics and a decidedly Chicago flavor. Nice early high top basketball shoe ad. Has news service stamp on back. Each article is 8x

Vintage Baseball Gloves

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Join the ranks of the well equipped with this incredible vintage baseball equipment treasure chest of (78). Dating from the ss this collection of store/professional models includes (42) gloves, (22) bats, (4) catchers masks, (3) jerseys, (2) chest protectors, and one pair each of cleats, pants, stirrups, shin guards and socks.

Narrow and deep pocket Where the welting is on the fingers means little about the glove other than a reinforcing stitch that is needed because of the way the pattern is designed. This glove also has the two laces running through the palm. These also have a leather reinforcement behind the web area. I’m not exactly sure of this, but I am pretty sure it is because the pocket is so flat that area of the glove takes a beating over time and it helps not destroy the laces.

I might be wrong on this one, but I’m pretty sure I’m right here. The NP3 is the same as the NP2 only it has a modified conventional back. Again, its a fairly wide and flat not as flat as the NP2, because of the back. Also, like the NP2, NP4, and NP5 this one has the extra hinge lace at the crotch of the glove to allow it to be so wide. Square shaped, meaning its not too deep or wide. Pretty much allows it to be used anywhere in the infield and with any sort of web, and it will work with that web.

Basically an augmentation of the NP2. Exception to the rule:

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